It’s 6:45 AM and you’ve been hitting snooze for the last 30 minutes, trying to sneak in a few extra moments of sleep before your day begins. You swipe on some mascara, chug a glass of water, and throw your hair into a messy bun before you run out the door. With barely enough time to get yourself together, you get in line at the Starbucks drive through to pick up something healthy-ish for breakfast.

 Girl, I get it!

Real life can totally side rail your best intentions for healthy eating. You’re trying to balance your career with Wednesday night Bible study, seeing your family, coffee dates with girlfriends, dating, and somehow fitting fitness and healthy living into the mix.

You promise yourself that you’ll do better than the drive through tomorrow, but you’ve said that to yourself before.


What you need is a game plan, a guide to eating healthy that won’t require you to fully flip your life around.

A guide that fits into your lifestyle, and gives you an extra boost of confidence, knowing that your health goals are actually being accomplished.


And honestly, you need it to be easy. You don’t have time to weigh and measure. You just want simple, real, applicable strategies to make this getting healthy thing fun!

Sound like a dream? It’s not! That’s where I come in!



Hey girl, I’m Jessie! And I believe we serve a God of clarity, not confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). Since God cares about every detail of our lives, it's no different when it comes to shopping! I believe that God wants us to be savvy shoppers, confident that we can go in with a plan and leave with the food that nourishes us from the inside out.

The Savvy Shopper’s Guide will give you the complete guide to shopping, a game plan that will allow you to easily prepare quick + healthy meals -- without confusion.

The Savvy Shopper’s Guide To Eating Healthy on SALE $12.99!

The Savvy Shopper’s Guide To Eating Healthy on SALE $12.99!

  • After reading this guide, you’re going to feel totally empowered.

  • The tips and tricks in this guide will leave you feeling confident in the choices you make while shopping and preparing healthy meals. We’re simplifying what seems overly complicated and equipping you to go forward with confidence.

All you need is a little spark to ignite your healthy lifestyle, and this tool will do just that!

No more frantically driving through Starbucks or stressing over not having enough time for all the things. Let me help you take care of this area of your life so that you can find peace and be able to enjoy the things that matter most to you.


Throughout this guide, you will find healthier choices from each food & nutrient group to eliminate any confusion:

- Complex-starchy carbs & whole grains

- Meat, dairy & alternatives

- Fruit

- Vegetables (And a complete list of fibrous veggies)

- Healthy/good fats


It also includes:

- Pantry staples & extras for cooking, seasoning & nutrition boosting

- The dirty dozen & the clean fifteen to guide your fruit and vegetable choices

- How-to be a savvy label reader to shop smarter and more efficient

- How-to distinguish added vs. natural sugar on labels to help limit daily sugar intake.


1. How-to put together a grocery guide to reach your health goals

2. How-to create a 3-day meal plan in less than 5 minutes

3. How-to avoid bad decisions when hunger strikes at 2:00pm

4. The sample grocery guide I give to all my clients


"I LOVE your Savvy Shoppers Guide!! I have been using it all week!!! I know nothing at all about nutrition and seriously am learning soooo much without feeling overwhelmed!! (which I usually do when it comes to guides so I tend to shy away from them!) With yours though, I feel knowledgeable and ready to make clean healthy decisions! Loving this feeling!!

- Jolene

"The Savvy Shopper's Guide helped me learn so much about healthy eating in a way I could understand! We already eat pretty balanced meals but getting information on how we could improve our eating habits in a way that feels doable was great! Jessie makes shopping for healthy food feel both easy and delicious!"



“What I love about The Savvy Shopper’s Guide” is that it gave me a whole new experience in the grocery store. It’s sort of embarrassing, but I usually feel totally unequipped when I walk into the store, and end up getting an array of items that I’m not completely sure what to do with! Jessie’s guide really gave me the breakdown on nutrition in a way that was easy to understand. I really loved the “eat more” and “eat less” sections - this was so simple yet SO profound!”


My friend, I am so passionate about helping you to feel secure and confident when you step into the grocery store. I know it can be so easy to feel defeated and overwhelmed.

Becoming a savvy shopper is a foundation of the healthy lifestyle framework, and this guide is just the jumpstart that you need!