The Savvy Shopper's Guide To Eating Healthy

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The Savvy Shopper's Guide To Eating Healthy


The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Eating Healthy: The best guide to help you ditch the confusion and find clarity + confidence to shop smarter and live a healthier life!

The first step to becoming a savvy shopper and to cooking and eating more healthfully is shopping smarter! 

Why did I create this? Because I believe we serve a God of clarity, not confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33), and since God cares about every detail of our life, it's no different when shopping! He wants us to be a savvy and confident grocery shopper!

Throughout this guide, you will find healthier choices from each food & nutrient group: 
- Complex-starchy carbs & whole grains
- Meat, dairy & alternatives
- Fruit
- Vegetables (And a complete list of fibrous veggies) 
- Healthy/good fats 

It also includes:
- Pantry staples & extras for cooking, seasoning & nutrition boosting
- The dirty dozen & the clean fifteen to guide your fruit and vegetable choices
- How-to be a savvy label reader to shop smarter and more efficient 
- How-to distinguish added vs. natural sugar on labels to help limit daily sugar intake. 

1.  How-to put together a grocery guide to reach your health goals
2. How-to create a 3-day meal plan in less than 5 minutes 
3. How-to avoid bad decisions when hunger strikes at 2:00pm
4. The sample grocery guide I give to all my clients

My friend, my passion and goal is help you feel secure, not defeated, when you head to the store. Shopping is just one part of the healthy lifestyle framework, and this guide will give you the jumpstart you desire!

Happy shopping! 

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What women are saying about The Savvy Shopper's Guide

"I LOVE your Savvy Shoppers Guide!! I have been using it all week!!! I know nothing at all about nutrition and seriously am learning soooo much without feeling overwhelmed!! (which I usually do when it comes to guides so I tend to shy away from them!) With yours though, I feel knowledgeable and ready to make clean healthy decisions! Loving this feeling!! - Jolene

 "The Savvy Shopper's Guide helped me learn so much about healthy eating in a way I could understand! We already eat pretty balanced meals but getting information on how we could improve our eating habits in a way that feels doable was great! Jessie makes shopping for healthy food feel both easy and delicious!" -Natalia