Hello, friend! I am jessie B. 

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Most days you can find me: Dreaming  and writing at my dining room table, with a candle burning, and Pandora Hillsong channel playing. 

I am mostly known for: My desire to always want to play Heads Up! (It is crazy fun!)

People often refer to me as: A crazy aunt who Facetimes too much!

I love serving the world by: Sharing how Jesus changed my life and how a relationship with Him can change everything.

The things I am passionate in this life are: My faith, my family, fitness and good food!

I coach and design courses for women who struggle with creating healthy habits that will enable them to reach their most desired health & wellness goals.

Launch your healthy, happy and confident lifestyle with Treasure His Temple Program

I am lucky to be able to teach them the essential, healthy habits that will empower them to ditch diets, find freedom, and live confidently fulfilling their destiny that God has prepared for them (Ephesians 2:10) 

As a former collegiate athlete that never learned to fuel my body correctly, I know that when you set out to begin a healthy lifestyle, it can be intimidating and overwhelming!


I get it, girl!



Where do you begin?

What does it even mean to have a healthy lifestyle?

What does the Bible say about taking care of yourself?

This is where I come in! How? Because I have asked those same exact questions before, completely confused on how and why to take care of my own body.

As a healthy lifestyle coach, I have spent the past five years and thousands of hours learning and being personally coached and mentored by top fitness experts, nutritionist, and leaders in our company. By using what I have gained and from my own experience being a former collegiate athlete, I have customized plans to personally help hundreds of people around the nation to reach their health and wellness goals.

A live, FAITH-BASED, group coaching program that teaches women lifestyle habits to be happy, HEALTHY and CONFIDENT in four weeks.

Now enrolling for June 3rd

When I am not working on creating courses or coaching, you can catch me flying home to Washington State to visit my family, enjoying a crossfit workout with my community, or leading a women’s bible study. 

 Five more things you may not know about me:

  1. I am the middle of four children (Brother, Sister, ME, Brother)

  2. I have to read before bedtime whether I go to bed at 9pm or 3am.

  3. I played basketball at Seattle Pacific University. All four years I played alongside my sister & best friend, Beth.

  4. I love all superhero movies, but my favorites are Thor and Black Panther, and Superman.

  5. I moved to Arizona from Seattle in 2014. The biggest leap of faith, but one of the best decisions I ever made.

Still here? Let’s connect!!