Ten bible verses that will transform your mindset to healthy & holy in 2019!


Did you know that I love helping women create habits, ditch diets, find freedom and live confidently fulfilling the destiny God has for me?!

I do! I love it!

Why? Because over five years ago, I had none! No habits, no freedom and no confidence moving forward with what God had planned for me. I would try any new diet that seemed "to work." I was just living to get by, the next paycheck, the next meal. I had no healthy habits in place, no real discipline, and no direction in life.

But, over the years, by deciding enough was enough, seeking out the Truth and mentorship, learning about nutrition & fitness, and by being intentional about my relationships, I realized that taking care of myself was not selfish, but what God calls us to do!

He desires us to feel good about ourselves so we can be the best vessel of His blessings and be used for His Glory.

It took me a long time (five and a half years, but who’s counting) to realize that the beliefs about ourselves and the daily habits we create can determine greatly how God can and will use us!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, what whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

As you know, I love sharing with you and coaching you how you can bring your faith and fitness together while on your health journey.

Putting Jesus as your center and having a biblical mindset as our foundation is KEY to establishing and maintaining a happy, healthy and holy lifestyle.

This is why I wrote down ten bible verses that will transform your mindset to healthy & holy in 2019!

These truths have helped me unlock my daily destiny to access all God has for me… and I want to share them with you for FREE.


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