Personal coaching, support and mentorship for women who are ready to ditch the diets, guilt and confusion and replace them with lifestyle habits that create a happy, healthy and confident life of purpose and passion.




Do you get overwhelmed with all of the healthy things you feel like you “should” be doing only to end up doing nothing?

Me, too. 

Are you tired of running from diet to diet without seeing any real results?

Me, too. 

Are you over feeling guilty about what you eat on a daily basis?

Me, too. 

Do you cherish your faith but don't quite know how to apply your beliefs to your health & wellness?

Me, too. 

Do you ever feel like you are the only one who struggles like you do? You wonder if anyone can relate?

Me, too. 


No matter what our challenges are, those challenges can make us feel isolated. Hear me when I say- it isn’t just you. I have been there and there are many other women in the trenches with you. We were never meant to do life on our own.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your health and fitness, I would be honored to share your journey through one on one coaching.

I’m about a lifestyle, not a fad. Let me walk you week-by-week towards a new you: one that you’ll be proud of (and one that won’t quit).

You get my full attention, my one-on-one coaching, specific nutrition and fitness plans designed just for you, my encouragement skills, and the accountability you need to implement the changes into your life.

My Story



Four years of being a college athlete, four years of eating what I wanted, personalized workout plans from trainers, and endless support from coaches and teammates, I thought I knew how to take care of myself. Except, I didn't.

And five years after I graduated, I found myself 10 pounds overweight, discouraged in how I looked in the mirror and pictures, and had little energy.

I knew God wanted me to feel better about myself. But I didn't know how. I felt alone, confused, and helpless.

I knew that I thrived when I had coach that guided and held me accountable, a trainer who designed workouts for me, and a team who supported and encouraged.

So, January 2013, I started on my first health & wellness program with an amazing coach who taught me how to fuel and energize my body to reach MY goals.

Guess what?

Hiring a coach has been the hands-down one of the best things I have ever done to increase my self confidence and reach my desired health goals.


My approach 

  • Though majority of my coaching will focus on what (and when) you eat and how you move your body, it is so much more than that.


  • It’s about how you think about life, your purpose, and how you treat yourself. It’s about the mindset that can either propel or destroy you.


  • It’s about helping you manage your stress levels and sleep so you can pursue your purpose with energy and peace.  


  • It’s about giving you a reliable, personalized plan that works for YOU, unconditional support and relentless encouragement.

Framework of a Healthy Lifestyle

Think about your life as a box, there are many things that go into our box of life: marriage, jobs, friendships, volunteering, churches. The list goes on!

There is a solid foundation and four core pillars that are needed to hold up our “life” and all four pillars, and foundation, is needed to help you look and feel your best!

  1. Physical Activity- Exercising is key to seeing results so I will work with you to create a personalized exercise routine each month that works for your life and will help you achieve your health goals!

  2. Nutrition- How you fuel your body is 80% of the equation and KEY to fat loss, energy, and wellness. Each month we will personalize a meal plan, grocery guide, and snack options tailored to your needs and schedule.  

  3. Sleep/Stress- Two unexpected reasons why most people are not getting results is a lack of sleep and too much stress. We will look over your habits in these areas and come up with plan that will improve your health in these areas.

  4. Quality Supplementation- Filling in our nutritional gaps is essential to optimize your results! Quality supplements also give you willpower to eat right, energy to workout, and can help your quality of sleep and manage stress levels. We will go over a few essential supplements, based on your needs, to see how they can help maximize your results.  

Foundation (Mindset) Your mindset about your body, your life and your purpose can either elevate or destroy you. Each month we will go over a biblical truth will propel you into your transformation.


Achieving a your ideal lifestyle is based on a number of factors (pillars) which are ALL needed to live a life you feel happy, healthy and confident in. We will dive into each pillar more in depth and personalize a plan based on your goals, needs, and challenges.

I take on a limited amount of 1:1 clients to ensure every woman gets 110% of me during our time together!

Investment for 1:1 coaching: $350/month for 3 months or $900 paid in full. 

Fill-out the application and I'll be in touch with you to book a complimentary discovery call.

If you are ready to:

  1. Confidently take control of your health to make a positive and lasting change to fulfill the destiny God has for you

  2. Build the essential pillars (habits) of a healthy lifestyle that will help you to reach (and maintain!) your goals that you have been too afraid to pursue without support + strategy.

  3. Propel into the biblical truth about why your body is a temple that should be treasured


Then I am prepared to spend the next three months, helping you:

  1. Create a personalized nutrition and workout plan that fits into your life to help you make the healthy changes.

  2. Implement the four essential pillars into a diet and guilt free, healthy lifestyle that will help you to reach (and maintain!) your goals.

  3. Build confidence to make a positive and lasting change to reach your goals and fulfill the destiny God has for you.

  4. Encourage, support and cheer you on as you confidently transform your lifestyle!

My promise to you is that I will come along side you every step of the way to ensure you see results, increased confidence, and see your lifestyle improve in way that feels good to you!

My 1:1 Healthy Lifestyle Coaching experience includes:

  • 3 months of 1:1 private coaching with me as your health coach, mentor,  and support.

  • (1) 60 minute health & wellness introduction call to go over your health goals, ideal lifestyle, challenges, struggles, and then map and plan out the next three months so that we know exactly what to focus on during our time together.

  • (9) 45 minute virtual coaching & support calls (3 per month + 1 week for implementation) so you have the support you need and personalized action steps and accountability on how to move your healthy lifestyle forward every single week!

  • Unlimited email support from me during the week (Monday- Friday) so you get all of your questions answered with each new step you take to transform your lifestyle.

  • Personalized resources (PDFs, workbooks, emails) so you have all of the tools you need to succeed:

    • Personalized grocery list and meal plan depending on dietary needs

    • Snack list

    • Meal planning tips and tools

    • Macronutrient, energy, hydration, supplement tips and tools

    • Personalized workout plan based on personal needs

I take on a limited amount of 1:1 clients to ensure every woman gets 110% of me during our time together!

Investment for 1:1 coaching: $350/month for 3 months or $900 paid in full. 


Fill-out the application and I'll be in touch with you to book a complimentary discovery call.