How to create capacity for new things and become more productive in all areas of life

How-To Create Capacity For New Things And Become More Productive In All Areas Of Life

How do we become more productive? We need to grow our capacity to learn new things.

Research says that everyone on paper has almost the same capacity to hold a certain amount of information, which is bout 3-4 pages of information that our brain can hold consistently.

Interesting, because even though we are reading more, studying more and have more coming at us, they relate it to the fact whatever is on those pages is all we can remember and the moment new information comes into our life, the information we just learned gets “bumped” off.

We only have so much room and when something comes our way, something has to go.

For example, have you ever been working on a project, reading something interesting or having a conversation and something interrupts you, an email, a text or call? We are pulled to that interruption and when we go back to what we were doing, we have lost our place and we can’t remember where we were or what we learned. Anyone relate?

That is normal because when that new information came in, your brain dumped what you were working on to grab on the new information.

So, the only way to grow that capacity is to go from what’s in front of you, (the discipline of learning or ordering your life), to something of higher capacity… that is HABITS.

Things in our life that are automated (habits) allow us not to have to keep them in the forefront of our brain.

How many of your know that no one is telling you how to brush your teeth or when to take a shower? You don’t take yourself through each step because those have become daily or weekly habits you have automated into your life. They are apart of your habit-forming capacity.

So, if we look at a person who is highly disciplined, someone who has some sense of high education or overall a healthy person… they have a lot of things that they do that have gone into their HABITS.

Meaning, there are certain tasks that are no longer part of something they keep in front of them, or focus on.

Those who eat healthy, eat healthy habitually- those who workout, workout habitually which allows them to learn new things and create new, healthy habits.

Galatians 6:9- “A man reaps what He sows”- a Law of God we cannot change. This is God’s system and how He operates and teaches us.

If we plant a tree, and we water it and give it sunlight, it will produce fruit. That is how it works and we can be confident in that process.

There is a consistently in His kingdom that allows to relax and trust the process. Whatever you sow, you will reap.

When we begin to do the right thing in our lives, whether eating healthy, working out, or reading Gods’s Word, and we do it over and over again. It becomes a habit.

If we habitually sow the good and healthy things in our lives (eating, moving, reading His Word, sleeping, being kind, etc.) then these habits will allow us to live fruitful and faithful lives.

He wants us to grow in these habits so we don’t have to wake up every morning wondering, feeling scattered, guilt, shame or anxious on how we are going to hear from Him that morning.

Think of ways you can put one healthy habit into your life to build that habitual process and I believe those things will become automatic and we wont have to look around and say “how am I going to do this”

You are going to do it by habit!

★ TREASURE HIS TEMPLE is all about:

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