What High School Fastpitch Taught Me About Sugar Cookies

What High School Fastpitch Taught Me About Sugar Cookies

I played fast-pitch in high school and if know fast-pitch (and baseball), you know that you only get three strikes and you are out. Sometimes you get out looking and sometimes you get out swinging.

When I would strike out swinging, I would walk back to the dugout, my coach would look me straight in the eye and ask, “did you love it, Jessie?” He was simply asking me if that pitch was worth swinging at and missing. About 90% of the time it was not worth it, but I swung anyway.

But, this got me thinking about a nutritional mindset tip as we head into the season of sugar cookies, homemade fudge, and holiday popcorn. We are going to be surrounded by sweets at the many family and office parties, and the last thing we want is to mindlessly grab at just anything.

Before you reach for something, stop and ask yourself first, “What do I love?” and “ Is this worth it?” If it is your grandma’s famous pie she only makes once a year or your family secret cookie recipe, then having a slice is absolutely worth it! But if you grab for the store bought cookies that taste like cardboard, you are just adding extra calories you do not need, and most likely not enjoy.

The truth is that a healthy lifestyle is a life full of balance. Eating your favorite desserts is part of the festivities. But, you don’t want to over eat them either, especially ones you don’t enjoy.

However, telling yourself you will not eat any sugar during the holidays or telling yourself “A new diet starts on Jan. 1st so I might as well eat as many as I want,” is restricting and also unrealistic to think that you’re never going to eat desserts during this season. (Hello, Christmas Day cinnamon rolls).

You, my friend, are healthy on the inside because you’ve accepted that life is much more than what you eat and workouts you perform. It’s about living life abundantly, loving God, and loving others.

Did you find this tip helpful?! Contrary to what you might believe, there IS a way to stay fit and in control during the holidays. I know, it sounds impossible. But, it’s not!

How amazing would it feel to roll into the new year with confidence rather than a sugar crash?! Let’s start 2019 feeling even healthier than you are right now!

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