This could be holding you back from moving forward with God.

This could be holding you back from moving forward with God. 

Do you have a favorite season?

I always say fall is my favorite, but then winter comes around and its Christmas time, and I start to see the beauty in that season, then that’s over and then the spring flowers comes then of course, we all want summer. 

Have you ever noticed that each season brings it’s own joy, beauty and purpose? 

Summer brings longer days, sunshine, pool parties.  

Fall brings brisk mornings, new beginnings & harvest colors.

Winter brings snowfall, cozy cabins & Christmas carols.

Spring brings new hope, warmer days & beautiful flowers.

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22

From the beginning, God created time and seasons for our lives and they (time and seasons) will never stop till the end of history.

Our lives are meant to live in seasons, and as seasons change, sometimes, change is welcomed, after a long winter, spring season is very much anticipated, but sometimes change of a season can be hard for us. 

“ Sentiment ruins significance.” - Brian Houston

How many times have we lingered in the sentiment, the comfort, the ease of our current season, keeping us chained not able to move forward into the next season that God has for us?

And, like it says in Genesis, the Lord did not intend for us to live in one season our whole life, and if we stayed chained to our past, or in the comfort or pain we are in, we cannot experience the significance of the next season.

Just like the seasons of the weather, the seasons of our life have very distinct beauty, joy and purpose in each season. We get planted, we harvest, we bloom and sometimes we fall or get pruned.

Are you in a winter season? Don’t let the way the season is making you feel,  impact the ground you are meant to be taking.

Sometimes the appearance that we are getting pushed backwards, or staying too comfortable, is actually the indicator that we are supposed to move forward.  

When you feel like you are moving backwards in the natural, never underestimate the ground that God is giving you, and what He is doing for you, in the heavenly.

We are meant to be living forward, from faith to faith, grace to grace, season to season, knowing that in each season, even through pain and longing, there will be beauty, joy and purpose with Jesus. 

Because, when we keep your hope in Jesus, we can expect that this next season, whatever it may bring, will be beautiful, joyful and purposeful. 

So, as we start to pave and dream our way into the new season, lets move forward confidently, pressing into Jesus, so we can discover the significance of the new season.

I bet what He has waiting for you in this new season will be better than you can imagine. 


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