Four Unexpected Ways To Reach Your Goals! (Part 2)

In this blog series I am sharing four unexpected ways to reach your goals and create a lifestyle of healthy and happy! Here is #3 and #4. Read what #1 and #2 is HERE. 

#3) Stop striving.  

We believe there are four KEY pillars of health:

1. Exercise

2. Food

3. Supplements

4. Sleep & Stress

Striving to reach your goal is the worst things we can do. Why? Because we stress ourselves out! When we are stressed our body is produces cortisol.This hormone does not allow our body release the fat, therefore your body will not let go of the fat.

TIP #1)  Release and surrender the outcome. Relax and stop trying so hard.

TIP #2) Control the controllable. What can you control? Eating protein and veggies at every meal or moving intentionally every day.

#4) Change your mindset from FEAR to LOVE.

You may be unaware that fear is motivating you, rather than love. What do I mean by this?

I’ve been coaching women to reach their optimum health & wellness for five years. Because of their eagerness, they want to begin their new program right away. The fact is, a successful journey needs planning, a right mind set, and a determination to follow the truth. Just like any new building, our minds need to be a solid foundation for other healthy habits to be built upon.

FEAR vs. LOVE mindset


If I don't lose weight…. Then no man will love me.

If I don’t go to the gym...Then I won't lose any weight and reach my goal.

If I don’t  eat my veggies...Then I won’t bit into my bikini for summer.

FEAR says, “If I don't do this, then I wont get this.”

Fear based decisions may get you motivated in the beginning, but they only last so long! They are not sustainable. You will get tired and weary. Most people quit because their decisions are based out of the root of FEAR.


I love working out because I love the feeling after I am done!

I love having breakfast because I love the energy it gives me for the day!

LOVE says, “I will take care of myself because I love how I feel.”

I love being healthy instead of I hope I don't mess this up. You love being healthy you enjoy the lifestyle and mental change of being healthy and therefore, your body will change simply by changing your mindset from fear based to loved based.

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