Three Reasons A Weekly Meal Plan Will Change Your Life

Three Reasons A Weekly Meal Plan Will #ChangeYourLife

For those I have known for years, or have just met the past few months, if you are reading this blog, we most likely have a few things in common. 

We BOTH know what it's like when all we want to do at the end of the day is grab something easy. 

We BOTH know what it's like to throw all our goals out the window because hunger is on our mind and convenience is definitely at the top of mind. 

We BOTH want to save time and eat delicious foods that do not compromise our health.

Am I right on these?

I am a health coach because I am passionate about helping busy women ditch the diets and learn to nourish and love her body WITHOUT compromising on time or taste.

For years I thought I was in control. I worked out. I ate “healthy-ish.” But a few months ago, I left ChickFila for the second time in one week because I did not know what to eat, and did not want to cook dinner, I knew I could not do it on my own. 

That’s when I decided I knew if I wanted to change how I felt, I couldn’t do it alone.

Since hiring a nutrition coach six months ago, I have seen dramatic results in my own body and life:

“The weekly meal plans have saved me time, cleared up the confusion and kept me on track. As a result, I have lost eight pounds,  -4% body fat, and on my way to feeling, looking and performing better than ever before! Not to mention good choices are becoming second nature for me. “ 

This is what I want for you, friend!

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle does not need to be stressful, time consuming, or overwhelming. YOU CAN live a healthy, confident, and delicious on-the-go life!

Here are three reasons why having a weekly meal plan can #ChangeYourLife:

1. Saves money! A weekly meal plan will help you from going out to lunch and dinner as much, or aimlessly buying food you do not need at the grocery store. 

“We don’t waste money by aimlessly shopping for what ‘looks good.’ The the provided shopping list gives direction so we aren’t throwing away food due to fresh food going bad because we didn't use it on time. The plan helps us avoid quick fixes like fast food,  take out or overly priced grocery shopping trips for one meal inspiration.” - Beth (Wife, work-from-home mom of 3)

 2. Time (& energy!) Saver! A weekly meal plan will decrease the need to rush in the morning or rush to figure out your next meal. You can slow down and spend time doing more of what I love, or what you have to get done that day. 

“The weekly meal plan helps my family plan for the week without wondering (or scrambling!) what we will have for dinner 30 min. before we are supposed to eat. It saves time making an extra meal for the next day to enjoy. It provides structure, which in turn saves time and mental energy trying to figure out the day for all the other things going on.”  - Beth

3. Less cheating! A weekly meal plan will help you avoid (or limit) going out to lunch or dinner on a whim, which led to more temptation to cheat. It can also help teach your healthier options when you do go out! 

“When going to events, because the meal plan’s wide variety and practicality, I have learned more healthy options to choose from when I do not have my fixed meal plan available to me. And I feel SO GREAT that is has become easier to avoid (or limit) food and drink in social settings.” - Beth

BONUS! A weekly meal plan helps meet your fitness goals. You learn about portion control, ways that work best for you (are you a snacker or three meals/day peron?) and how to fuel your body with nutritional food that gives energy! In turn, leaning out, losing body fat, increased energy and gained confidence are VERY common byproducts of having a weekly meal plan! 

“Overall, I am sleeping more sound and deeper than I have in a really long time as I have always struggled with sleep. My inflammation, bloating, and cravings are noticeably down. My energy is better and so is my patience with my kiddos! I am loving the variety and flavor! And BONUS, I am down to a weight I haven't been to in months! “ - Beth

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