Between barbecues, ocean side weekends, wedding season and patio drinks it sure is difficult to stick to health goals in the summertime. Am I right?? 

Girl, don't fret!


This 5- day jumpstart is designed to help you take back control as you head into the fall season and fuel your body with clean & delicious food.


From my experience, my eating habits and energy levels are so much better when I follow a meal plan. So when the daily plan comes to an end or I forget (or too tired)  to set aside time to prepare for the next day, it's just a downward spiral.

One of the best ways to reverse the rut, I've discovered, is committing to a weekly meal plan.

Whether you are running short on time, trying to get back on track, or simply new to this whole clean eating on-the-go thing - this is the jumpstart is for you!

All recipes take 30 minutes or less! (And the best part, is that I’m giving them to YOU!)


Here's what's included: 

  • A 5- day meal plan full of easy, delicious, waist-friendly meals and snacks

  • An itemized grocery list for easy grocery shopping

  • A step-by-step prep guide to keep you organized all week

  • Fun, daily interactive challenges to boost your energy and mindset 

  • Private interactive Facebook group with daily coaching from me and accountability from others in the group.

  • GIVEAWAYS and more!

Just 5 Days- What do you think? Are you in?!

Oh, and did I mention this is FREE!

We start Monday, Sept. 9th